A Solid History

Bruce Bellamy started the business in 1975 and it was basically remodeling, from kitchens and bathrooms through additions. It grew quickly and in the 80s opened an insurance division and began doing fire and water restoration. In the 80s it also began doing its own excavations and concrete, and by the middle 90s was doing heavier excavation and water and sewer line work. In the late 1990s when the technology first became available, Bellamy invested in horizontal directional drilling and pipe bursting, both residential and commercial. Today Bellamy is the leader in Trenchless Technology – or Horizontal Directional Drilling – in the greater capital region, with over 50 employees and state-of-the-art technolgy, serving the greater Albany Capital Region and surrounding areas. Clients include residential, municipality, corporate and utility companies.

Family Values = Client Values

Bellamy has always prided itself in observing the same values with respect to our clients that we reserve for the members of our family and our employees. Among these we include INTEGRITY, in that we are honest with eacho ther and our clients at all times; EMPOWERMENT, in that we create an environment that builds respect, strength, and confidence between ourselves and our clients; TEAMWORK, in that we recognize that each member of the team is an important part of a whole working continuously toward a common goal; QUALITY, in that we understand the absolute importance of excellence in all our executions; COMMITMENT, in that we realize this is the backbone of our strength; and a STRONG WORK ETHIC, in that the pride we take in our work keeps us striving toward an ever higher standard of value and service for our clients.